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Tryout Policy


South Shore Seahawks Tryouts & Player Assignment Policy (Board approved February 2017)

Purpose: To manage the tryout and player/team assignment process in an orderly and fair manner with the ultimate goal of gaining the most comprehensive assessment of all players for appropriate team assignment.

Commitment Requirements for all those players who ARE SELECTED for teams

First payment is due (one third of the remaining balance) within 7 days of the teams being announced.  Please note - This payment is non-refundable. If after the 7th day, payment has not been received the player(s) will be in danger of losing his or her team placement. Selected players must inform the Seahawks by April 30th that they are opting to decline his or her placement or the first payment will be automatically charged.  Remaining payments are due on July 1st (2nd) and September 1st (3rd, final). Once a payment is made, it is non-refundable.  

1) Pre Tryout:

Staff selection –

  • On Ice Coaches - Adequate # to manage all drills and scrimmages
  • Judges - 5-6 judges preferred and should be very familiar with skill range at level

2) Actual Tryout:


  • 2 hours (preferred)
  • 2nd session tiered based on first session rankings. Level director may move up to 2 players from the lower tier scrimmage to the higher tier scrimmage with Athletic Director and President approval.  Players eligible for moving up must be selected from the next 10 players as ranked by the initial tryout. 
  • Equal # of players (preferred) on ice for all sessions (A-L, M-Z and adjust as needed)


  • Each judge should score every player on ice except son or daughter if applicable
  • Scores should be based on tryout session only, not prior familiarity w/ players 
  • Should not speak to each other about player performance and scoring


  • Should not “over coach” during particular drill or at all during scrimmage

3) Post Tryout:


  • All players should be ranked top to bottom based on tryout scores
  • For tryouts with skills & scrimmage component, 50/50 weighting
  • Any player, missing any/all tryouts with valid excuse, will be ranked (by Level Director with Athletic Director approval) based on single session tryout score and prior season coaches’ evaluation, relative to teammates.

Player/Team Placement:

  • Tryout ranking determines roster with the exception of final 3 selections. These are decided by team coach from next 6 players in tryout ranking. This process will continue with lower teams.
  • If decided that 2 equal teams are assigned to a division (ie. B Blue and B White), remaining players will be placed based on ranking with final 3 selections for each team to be selected by coaches. These 6 total selections will be drawn from the next 12 players in the ranking.
  • Any registered player choosing not to attend tryouts will be assigned to the lowest team at their level.
  • Note – Any deviation from this formula would require approval by Athletic Director. An example of a situation that may be considered would be a legitimate medical condition during tryout process. In this case, the coaches’ evaluations (prior team) would be considered in placement process.


  • Transparency: Player ranking transparency is limited to appropriate members of the SeaHawks board of directors and coaches that are selecting players. Coaches’ transparency will be limited to the above mentioned field of players. Ranking transparency to SeaHawks general membership will be limited to general division that player ranked in – A, B, B2, C.

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